It’s….. Snowing??!

Let’s be clear about one thing, we’re not in Texas anymore.  What’s a telltale sign you ask?  Maybe the fact that it snowed…………….in November?


I mean don’t get me wrong, I knew we were in for quite the climate change when we moved… but snow… in NOVEMBER?!  (And not late November mind you, but the beginning of the month… and apparently, last year it snowed in OCTOBER!)  I guess that’s not too unusual for some places, right?  But considering the fact that all you Texas folks were still rockin the t-shirts, it did kinda make me miss the place we call home.


Mattie seems to be adjusting quite nicely, doesn’t she?


To be fair, it was really pretty!


There’s something about the first snow that gets everyone all jazzed and excited!  Unlike Texas, here in Spokane, life goes on when it snows.  School happens, work happens, life.goes.on. Walking through campus last Tuesday, you could hear the chorus of “Let it Snow” and “Winter Wonderland” playing on full blast.  People were quite chipper!

Here’s the thing though – apparently the snow last for months… like… sometimes into April…  I mean — snow’s cool and all, but for four or five months straight?  Might be a little much…

But when the going gets tough, and the roads are still slick, I’ll just remember the smiling face of this sweet little snow bunny… who is happy as heck to be here.

(Do take notice of the 17 layers of clothing she has on… ha… with those skinny bones, she may not make it through December…)

So… if you’re thinking about visiting us and want to stay warm, I guess we’ll see you in June.  But for those of you who feel fierce enough to face Jack Frost himself, bring it on… but be prepared… cuz I think he has a lot more up sleeve. 🙂


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